Usability audit

We'll be glad to cunduct a full Usability audit of your project on CS-Cart and provide a list of recommendations for implementing.

Usability audit serves do distinguish, whether a site is convenient to use, so it affects sales directly. With its help one can find out, if blocks are positioned correctly, blocks are visible, are there any unnecessary clicks made by user when working with the site, etc.

Usability-audit includes:

  • Orientation. Site is checked for correct positioning of main elements. In other words, it's checked whether a user can navigate easily right from a start.
  • Check for errors and unnecessary elements. Allows to find out if there are any elements which are not needed, also number of user clicks is optimized.
  • Catlogue, product card, main menus analysis. Perfomed for optimization of all mentioned elements, critical for online-store work.
  • Extra analysis. AAnalysis of dooter, testimonials, blog and other elements, not connected to main store operations directly: working with cart, checkout, etc.
  • Prividing unified report with Usability recommendations. A detailed list is issued with recommendations, which can be implemented to make site more convenient to use.

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