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Enhancing the Online Store Experience for B2B Dental Equipment Clients

StomDevice is an online store specializing in dental products, including professional tools, consumables, and equipment. They offer prompt delivery directly from manufacturers across Russia and CIS countries, with local pickup points available.

Industry: Medical and dental equipment sales, including various consumables   Country: Russia   Website: Stomdevice

Problem and Tasks

StomDevice is a longstanding client for whom we regularly release updates and enhancements to their online store.

What We Did

Enhanced User Experience through Redesign and Cart Optimization

The main feature of the cart is its integration with the checkout process and the “Live Search” function. This eliminates unnecessary steps and page transitions. Customers can immediately see all selected items, add new ones through the search, and easily proceed to checkout.

Redesign and Cart Optimization

Added Documentation, Certificates, and Registration Certificates

Each product now includes necessary documents like brochures, registration certificates, and declarations. These documents verify the quality and safety of the products and provide essential usage instructions.

Customers can see that the dental equipment has undergone necessary inspections and meets the required standards. This transparency is crucial in the medical field where safety is paramount.

Documents are easily accessible in a dedicated section for each product. Expiry dates for declarations and certificates are highlighted to facilitate management.

Added Documentation, Certificates, and Registration Certificates

Detailed Product Information

Specific blocks of information about the brand and country of origin are displayed on the product detail page, catering to clinics that prefer certain brands or manufacturers.

Information on packaging dimensions is provided to help customers estimate shipping costs and plan storage and transportation.

Detailed Product Information

Improved Breadcrumb Navigation

Hovering over breadcrumbs reveals a menu of the corresponding category, simplifying navigation and enhancing user experience. This feature helps users easily switch between categories and brands without losing context.

Improved Breadcrumb Navigation

Sales Statistics

A visually appealing and easy-to-understand sales statistics page allows managers to analyze trends, identify successful and unsuccessful areas, and determine the most effective marketing channels and pricing strategies. This visual appeal also motivates employees to achieve better results.

Sales Statistics


We enhanced StomDevice’s online store interface to better serve B2B clients, increasing user satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment rates.

  • Live Search, Improved Navigation, and Detailed Product Information: Simplified the purchasing process.
  • Leasing Options for Corporate Clients: Increased client loyalty.
  • Document and Certificate Addition: Verified product quality and safety, reinforcing customer trust.
  • Enhanced Interface: Helped StomDevice strengthen its market position in dental equipment and attract more clients.
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