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The following components of a store are being checked during complex audit:

Selling abilities and packaging


  • General site impression
  • Positioning and features on homepage
  • News/blog
  • High-resolution product photo and video
  • Clients' testimonials
  • Social networks integration
  • Visual appearance of buttons
  • Web-analytics
  • Headings and banners
  • Contact info and call back feature
  • Team page
  • Wishlist or favorites list
  • Supported delivery and payment methods
  • Text markup in product description
  • Acessories and products bought together
  • New arrivals and sales categories
  • Mailing subscription form
  • Complex server/hosting checking:
  • Checking server hardware (processor, RAM, physical memory, etc.)
  • Checking server software and its configuration (MySQL, Apache, Nginx, etc.)
  • Detecting processes, overloading system
  • Detecting peak loads on server
  • Complex PHP scripts checking:
  • Checking CS-Cart core for changes
  • Checking installed third-party add-ons
  • Detecting code parts, affecting performance in a bad way
  • Complex database checking:
  • Checking database structure (subsystems, indexes, keys)
  • Detecting slow requests to database
  • Complex client part checking:
  • .tpl files code checking
  • Checking HTML and CSS for W3C requirements
  • Checking JS and CSS files for correct integration
  • Detecting parts of JS code, affecting performance in a bad way
  • Detecting heavy pages and images
  • Detecting external scripts/robots, overloading system

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