SEO-promotion and SEO-audit

SEO-promotion and SEO-audit
Professional promotion of your online-store in the web

What is SEO-audit and what SEO-analysis includes?

Audit is a complex checking of effectiveness of promotion technologies and tools on a site. Audit contains recommendations, but it is not a strategy of promotion itself. The purpose of audit is to analyze current state of a project, find errors and describe potential.

SEO-optimization analysis includes checking factors, responsible for indexation of a site in search systems.

  1. Distinction of site's specifics and its goals to predict perspective of development, optimization, and promotion of the site.
  2. SEO-analysis of the site in accordance to search systems criteria. Finding weak and strong points of the site for furter promotion with minimal expense.
  3. Usability analysis. One of key factors, which forms site's indexation. Good usability makes site convenient and easy for customers making purchases.
  4. Technical errors analysis and correst configuring of the site, which can drastically increase indexation..
  5. Analysis of competitors' sites allows to increase your indexation by using someone's errors and weak points.
  6. Recommendations on writing texts and articles on a site. Their usage increases numbers of requests, in accordance to which guests visit your site and improves indexation as well.
  7. Recommendation for activity on a site. Activity increases visitors' interest towards the site and number of returns, also helps to attract more loyal users and customers.

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