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How to optimize similar pages of marketplaces and online stores? Why you need to optimize pagination pages are described in detail in the article.


About 90% of startups fail. One of the main reasons is the inconsistency of the idea with the requirements of the market. How not to end up in the startup graveyard?


The MVP approach has revolutionized how startups are built. Developing a minimum viable version of a product has become a key step in launching and validating business ideas.


Parents on average spend up to $17,000 per year per child. These are mainly clothes, shoes, toys, books, hygiene products. We tell you how to create an online store for children’s goods and stand out from the competition.


We will discuss which impact has chatbots on the ecommerce, how to apply its in niche business. How to create a really useful assistant, not a relic of the past.

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