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10 Ideas For A Crowdfunding Platform

The collection of donations on the Internet is organized by non-profit organizations or NGOs for short through crowdfunding. Enthusiasm alone is not enough for an NPO to be effective and become a viable project. One of the important factors that influences success is the demanded idea. It will be easier for you to attract volunteers and sponsors when the idea and the main goal are relevant.
The main goal of any charitable organization is not to make money, but to benefit society through its services.

Before diving into ideas, let’s find out what forms of NPOs exist.

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What form of NPO is suitable for crowdfunding

Non-profit organizations are created for charitable purposes. As a rule, they are exempt from taxes. 

You can establish a nonprofit organization as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), foundation, trust, or even an unincorporated association, depending on your requirements.

Key features of non-profit organizations:

  • They are formed to help serve the public good.
  • They can have a separate legal entity.
  • They can earn profit, which does not support any single member.
  • They may have employees who are paid, but their paychecks do not come through fundraising.

There are over 10 million charities worldwide. Many projects would not materialize if online crowdfunding did not exist. The size of the crowdfunding industry continues to grow and Statista predicts the market will grow to $28.9 billion by 2028. Hence the growing interest and popularity of such projects.

The volume of the crowdfunding market in the world in 2021 with a forecast for 2028

Non-profit organizations are aimed at socially significant projects. For example: helping low-income families, pensioners, children, research, environmental conservation, cultural development, etc. Charities have their own legal documents, responsibilities and reporting.

The most important differences from commercial organizations are that NPOs:

  1. It works not for profit, but for the fulfillment of socially important tasks.
  2. The NPO receives funds from donations, membership dues, grants, subsidies, and earnings.
  3. An NPO can make a profit, but the profit remains within the NPO and is not distributed among its founders.

10 business ideas for creating a crowdfunding project

If you are thinking about starting your own charitable organization, below we have prepared 10 ideas for you to get started.

1. Shelters and assistance in the accommodation of animals

If you love animals, you can arrange for professional help and care for them. Veterinary clinics, shelters can take part in projects, and donations can be accepted from everyone.

The Kansas City Pet Project is one such organization. The main goals are the placement and accommodation of homeless animals; assistance in the maintenance of shelters; care for the health of animals in care; increasing the responsibility of pet owners; control of the population of homeless animals with the help of sterilization.

The organization has been in existence for 10 years. On the site you can look after and take the animal home, help with donations or take part in activities

For all the time, the organization has already saved about 90,000 animals. Within the framework of the device, KC Pet Project maintains an online catalog of animals, with sections: cats, dogs, rabbits, and the age of the animal. You can become a volunteer and help animals in the shelter, come and walk, share information.

2. Help for the elderly

With age, it is more difficult for a person to receive proper care if he does not have help from relatives. In 2020, the number of people on Earth aged 65+ was 728 million people and this figure is constantly growing.

Charitable organizations can provide invaluable assistance. The Joy of Old Age Foundation has been operating since 2011, providing psychological, informational and consulting, financial, medical, social and domestic assistance to the elderly and people with disabilities. In addition to supporting more than 400 nursing homes, the foundation implements its own projects and includes 20,000 volunteers.

On the site you can provide targeted assistance to specific people

The Foundation’s programs include:

  • Implementation of a long-term care system. A joint project with the state to build a comprehensive assistance system.
  • Volunteering. Trips to nursing homes with various activities.
  • Daily care. Organization of care and rehabilitation in social institutions and at home.
  • Leisure. Payment for creative workshops, services of organizers, music workers, etc.
  • Cozy house. Home renovation, purchase of furniture, household appliances, etc.
  • Medicine. Payment for diagnostics, operations, treatment, purchase of medicines.
  • Educational activity. Training of social workers.
  • Ambulance. Purchase of grocery sets, firewood, hot meals.

3. Renovation of apartments for people with disabilities

Many people, for various reasons, need help in building or repairing a house or apartment. But not everyone has the means and strength to do so. This is especially true for people with disabilities.
Rebuilding Together is an organization that helps repair and rebuild homes. It has about 100,000 volunteers who help renovate and build 10,000 homes every year.

The site presents in detail the mission and values ​​of the project, you can read about successful projects, become a partner or make a donation

The organization cooperates with many companies from the Red Cross to universities and retailers. Their programs include rebuilding homes after natural disasters, helping single mothers, creating a safe space, and helping the elderly.

4. Help the homeless

According to the UN in 2020, there were about 100 million homeless people worldwide. Although there are many shelters, you can organize your help.

The StreetWise organization , or better yet, the publication, provides an opportunity for the homeless to become magazine sellers on the street. They buy it for $1.15 and sell it for $3 plus tips. For homeless people, this is an opportunity to earn money to pay for transport, housing and communal services, medicines and other expenses.
The magazine itself is a weekly publication that features articles about homelessness, poverty, and injustice.

"A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out" is Streetwise's motto

The main idea is to give an opportunity to restore dignity, and not to beg. In addition, the community helps to distribute clothes, PPE, hygiene items, food. Staff provide assistance and advice on benefits, housing, medical and emergency care. All this is organized thanks to donations.

5. Help and protection of wild animals

The urbanization of cities has a negative impact on wildlife. Wildlife habitats are shrinking and many species are on the verge of extinction. NGOs can help with protection, creation of nature reserves, safe migration routes, etc.
The RSPB is a large non-profit association that operates throughout the UK. Their projects are aimed at preserving the range of wild birds, helping injured birds, and they are initiating major conservation projects.

Every month, the RSPB holds educational events, and the funds go to the conservation, protection of birds and nature

You can not only donate funds, but also join as a volunteer. The organization organizes many educational and sporting events, the proceeds of which go to conservation projects.

6. Psychological help

After the pandemic, psychological assistance services have become especially in demand and popular. Your non-profit project can improve the availability of mental help and work to raise awareness in this area.
For example, Active Minds supports adolescents and young adults in the area of ​​mental health. Their activities are distributed in more than 1000 schools, communities, student associations.

Active Mind offers various projects for schools, universities to promote mental health

In their own study, they found that 74% of high school students experienced stress and anxiety due to the pandemic. There are many ways to get involved, from donations to volunteering.

7. Art promotion

One of the unusual ideas for NGOs is the promotion of art. You can raise funds and help emerging talents. Help local schools, museums to hold exhibitions, music classes, organize and support local circles and courses for children and teenagers.

The Give Kids Art project offers creative programs for children from low-income families. Each program is designed for a certain age, they take place both in person and virtually, and are provided completely free of charge. Classes are not only fun and creative expression, but also contribute to social, cognitive growth and development.

Give Kids Art reveals the importance of creative learning from childhood and makes it accessible

You can help the organization in many ways:

  • make a donation;
  • become a volunteer;
  • donate art supplies;
  • create your own collection page;
  • bring clippings from magazines for collages;
  • provide a space for classes;
  • become a sponsor of a program or event;
  • include in your affiliate program;
  • attend events and just talk about the organization.

8. Help for the unemployed

There can be many reasons for unemployment, it can be temporary or permanent. Lack of work leads to the fact that a person may lose professional skills, and this will make it difficult to find further employment.
Smart Works provides women with clothes and coaching for interviews to gain more confidence and chances of a successful interview with an employer. Organizations donate clothing to individuals and retail stores, and volunteers also help. They have already helped more than 20,000 women, 72% got a job, 93% became more self-confident.

Smart Works partners with many well-known brands in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as large corporations, HR specialists, for professional coaching

9. Marathons and sporting events to help funds

Run for Charity organizes sports races to raise money for charity. You search for an event that suits you, apply for participation and pay a fee. Thus, you help charitable organizations. The site cooperates with many charitable foundations.

On the Run For Charity site, you can choose any fund to which you want to donate and choose a sporting event that is suitable for you

10. Educational projects

There are a lot of such organizations, but the problem is relevant to the present, in the 21st century. The population of Asia, Africa, Latin America is in particular need of modernization and implementation of the education system.

Asha for Education was founded by a group of students in 1991 to provide basic education to underprivileged children. At the moment, the organization has 50 branches around the world, implements and finances educational projects throughout India.

Since its inception, Asha for Education has completed more than 1,000 projects, employs 1,500 volunteers and has about 400 partners


In order to create your own non-commercial project, you will need not only an idea, but also a platform for implementation. It should meet all the necessary needs of modern online charitable foundations. Our company has many completed projects to create charity sites. Over the past few years, we have helped launch several large sites in the Middle East. With most of them we have long-term cooperation on technical support and modernization.

And to make it easier to build an effective crowdfunding platform for collecting donations, we wrote a step-by-step plan “How To Create A Nonprofit Website” and Steps to Launching a Successful Donation Website

Discover why mobile app is crucial for charitable organizations. Explore insights into effective app, including user-friendly design and secure donation in our article.

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