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Essential Features for a Charity Organization’s Website

We’ve previously discussed the initial steps of launching a donation collection platform in the article titled “Steps to Launching a Successful Donation Website”. This involves conducting analytics and developing a prototype, which is a website structure devoid of design and graphics, serving to pre-visualize the site’s functionality and prevent design errors in later stages.

In this article, we will outline the specific functionality requirements for an effective and legally compliant donation collection site. For instance, we will take into account the examples of the Russian Charity Organization “Nuzhnapomosh”, as well as our clients from Kuwait: DirectAid, The Kuwaiti Water Irrigation Society (KWS), and Tanmia Charity Association.

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Essential Information Sections

The website should include a privacy policy and donation policy. The policy should outline the usage of donor, employee, and contractor data, while the offer should encompass the terms of the donation agreement. Additionally, there should be an option for donors to review and accept the offer online by clicking a checkbox when making a donation.

Footer on Direct Aid website
Usually, the personal data processing policy and offer links are placed in the footer, as seen on the Direct Aid website.
Offer and personal data processing policy on Nuzhnapomosh.ru
The website of the Charity Organization "Nuzhnapomosh" includes links to the offer and personal data processing policy that the donor is required to accept before clicking the "Make a donation" button.

Efficient Payment Options

Interconnected payment systems, one-click payment, and an integrated electronic wallet facilitate swift donation processes. The easier the donation process, the higher the likelihood of receiving donations.

Account management and payment options at Direct Aid
Account management and payment options at Direct Aid: Visa card payment, K-net payment, e-wallet payment.

Consider several factors when selecting payment systems.

  • The chosen system should gather comprehensive donor information, including full name, email, bank name, card type, and the first and last digits of the card number. This data is crucial for future reporting.
  • Opt for payment systems with minimal commission charges to maximize the funds received.
K-net into CS-Cart
Traditional payment methods did not meet the requirements of Direct Aid, prompting us to integrate the Kuwaiti payment system K-net into CS-Cart.
  • Select payment systems with adaptable security measures, such as the ability to permit the maximum allowable number of payments from a single IP address.

One-click payment simplifies the donation process, particularly beneficial for users who wish to donate without the hassle of completing a complex form or entering bank card details.

Additionally, an internal electronic wallet offers added convenience to users, allowing them to transfer funds to their account once and then manage them without the need for repetitive clicks and form submissions.

Tanmia Charity Association
The Tanmia Charity Association website offers instant donation methods, including one-click payment and pre-set donation amount selections.
Direct Aid e-wallet
The functioning of the Direct Aid e-wallet is as follows: every registered user is provided with a Direct Aid account, which they can fund. Subsequently, they can choose to use it as a payment method, deducting money from it for donations.
You can conveniently add funds to your Direct Aid e-wallet using various payment systems.
You can conveniently add funds to your Direct Aid e-wallet using various payment systems.

Regular Payments

Closely linked to the previous point is the capacity to establish recurring payments. For a charitable organization, this forms the core of the foundation’s financial framework and strategy. Such recurring payments encompass monthly contributions, yearly subscriptions, or automatic deductions from a bank card or e-wallet. By facilitating these payments, the organization can effectively outline its budget and secure a dependable income stream. Furthermore, recurring payments aid in drawing new donors and retaining existing ones, demonstrating the organization’s steadfast commitment to its mission and underlining the importance of their backing.

Monthly payments in KWS
The KWS website enables the activation of monthly payments directly from the campaign page. Users have the option to link a bank card or authorize deductions from an electronic wallet.

Progress Bar

To enhance the transparency and visual appeal of the donation process, consider incorporating a progress bar onto the campaign card. This indicator will visually represent the funding goal for the project, the current amount collected, and the number of contributors. This approach fosters trust and effectively motivates users to engage in campaigns.

A campaign card on the KWS website
An illustration of a campaign card on the KWS website: the scale visually depicts the progression of the fundraising and the remaining percentage needed to reach the required amount.

Transparent Analytics

Opt for a platform that gathers data and compiles it into visual graphs and charts for transparent analytics. This functionality allows for comprehensive insights into donors, campaigns, and payment methods, facilitating enhanced strategies for engaging potential donors. Additionally, ensure that administrators have the capability to automatically generate campaign reports and distribute them via email to donors.

Analytics on Direct Aid
Direct Aid utilizes a corporate system for maintaining financial records. We integrated this system into CS-Cart to enable the automatic loading of database information into the financial system, facilitating the automatic generation of accounting reports.

Option for Refund or Cancellation

In the event that a donor believes that their donation was misused, they have the right to request the cancellation of the donation. Typically, a refund request must be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the offer. We encourage donors to explore the option of canceling their donation online.

Donor Communication

Building trust in a charity is enhanced by offering users the opportunity to inquire through various communication channels and become part of a community of like-minded individuals. This transparency enables all involved parties to observe how funds are utilized.

Engaging with users facilitates the collection of valuable feedback, which can be utilized to enhance the organization’s performance. For instance, it allows for understanding customer sentiments regarding campaigns, identifying potential issues, and proposing solutions.

For effective communication, it is essential for an organization to provide prompt technical support. This enables the swift resolution of emerging issues and technical problems, as well as the prevention of future occurrences. Integrating chatbots and linking social networks facilitates quick and effective communication with customers.


Various report types are available.

  • Reports detailing concluded campaigns, providing insights into the amount of funds raised and the specific allocation of expenses.
The Direct Aid website reports
The Direct Aid website features reports and a photo gallery showcasing the accomplishments of completed campaigns.
In the donor’s personal account, there is a dedicated section for reports.
In the donor’s personal account, there is a dedicated section for reports. Upon the completion of a campaign to which the user has donated, a report is automatically downloaded for them, eliminating the need for any manual search.
  • Regular reports, like monthly updates, can be featured in a dedicated section on the website and distributed to donors via email.
  • The annual report serves as validation of the organization’s achievements, encouraging continued support from existing donors and serving as an introduction to potential new contributors.
The financial report for the Charity Organization "Nuzhnapomosh"
Here is the financial report for the Charity Organization "Nuzhnapomosh" fund for the year 2022.

Incorporating Email Marketing Systems

Integrating with email marketing systems is valuable for sending reminders about regular payments, distributing reports, and sharing details about new campaigns. This fosters consistent communication with donors and facilitates the formation of an active community around the charity.

To streamline this process, a charity’s website requires integration with email marketing systems. These systems enable automated email distribution, audience segmentation based on diverse parameters, performance tracking of marketing campaigns, and analysis of user behavior.

We provide website development using the CS-Cart platform, suitable for not only online commerce and marketplaces but also for charitable initiatives. With the open-source code of CS-Cart, you can incorporate the necessary functionality and integrate with various services, ranging from payment to marketing.

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