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Mobile devices are changing business. They are constantly evolving and the requirements for website design and development are constantly updated. How to adapt design elements and content, which development method is better to choose? Told in this article.


If sales start to drop and you are losing customers, it may be time for a transformation – change strategy and rebrand. The brand of the company helps to broadcast changes and stay in touch with the audience.


Parents on average spend up to $17,000 per year per child. These are mainly clothes, shoes, toys, books, hygiene products. We tell you how to create an online store for children’s goods and stand out from the competition.


Checkout is the most important page on the customer journey. To keep visitors from leaving the checkout page, we have prepared 10 ideas on how to improve this important page.


We will discuss which impact has chatbots on the ecommerce, how to apply its in niche business. How to create a really useful assistant, not a relic of the past.

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