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Top 14 Marketplaces for Selling Digital Products: the Best Global Practices

In today’s increasingly digital world, selling digital products has become a lucrative endeavor for many individuals and businesses alike. With the convenience of online platforms, creators can turn their digital content, such as e-books, music, software, or photography, into profitable ventures. In this article, we will explore the top stores and marketplaces for selling digital products and uncover the best global practices that can help aspiring sellers succeed.

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1. Amazon

Amazon, known for its vast selection and customer-centric approach, has emerged as a dominant player in digital sales. The company’s Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets have revolutionized the way people consume books and other digital media. Amazon Prime, with its streaming services and digital content library, further strengthens their position in the digital product space.

Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon
Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon
  • E-books: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform enables authors to sell and distribute their digital books effortlessly. KDP provides user-friendly tools for formatting, uploading, and promoting e-books, allowing authors to access a wide global audience. With features such as Kindle Unlimited and promotional tools like Kindle Countdown Deals, authors can effectively enhance their book’s visibility and sales potential.
  • Graphics and digital art: Artists and graphic designers can showcase their unique pieces by uploading images to Amazon Merch on Demand. This provides the opportunity for their work to appear on various products like t-shirts, mugs, bags, and pillows. Amazon’s print-on-demand service eliminates the need for inventory ownership to sell products. Upon receiving an order, Amazon handles the printing and shipping of the product to the consumer, while the seller earns a royalty for the sale.
  • Music: Through TuneCore, an offering of Amazon Music, musicians can swiftly upload their songs and make them instantly accessible across numerous platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play, along with 150+ other global stores.
  • Apps and games: The Amazon App Store enables sellers to distribute their applications or games to millions of Amazon devices in over 230 countries. This includes availability on Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, and the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11.
  • Audiobooks: Using Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange, anyone can create and self-publish an audiobook on Amazon. Similar to KDP, once the audiobook is uploaded, it becomes available for purchase and download by all Audible customers.
  • Video: For creators of movies, short films, or shows, making their content available on Prime Video Direct provides an excellent opportunity to reach wider audiences through Prime Video.

2. Apple Digital Ecosystems

Apple has effectively integrated its hardware and software ecosystem. The App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books provide users with a comprehensive array of digital products for their iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The App Store presents a vast selection of iOS apps, catering to diverse needs and interests.

App Store
App Store

3. Google Digital Ecosystems

Google, equipped with the Android operating system and the Google Play Store, caters to a vast global user base. Offering a diverse range of digital products, such as apps, movies, music, and e-books, Google has effectively established its presence in the digital sales market. Its seamless integration across various devices and user-friendly interface has contributed to its significant market presence. The Google Play Store is the primary platform for Android users, providing an extensive collection of apps, games, movies, and books. Its integration with various Google services and devices ensures a cohesive user experience.

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

4. Walmart

Walmart offers an excellent opportunity to promote a wide range of digital products, including tax software and music downloads, among others. To commence selling digital products on Walmart Marketplace, you’ll need to register as a third-party seller, create a storefront, and list your products. This encompasses uploading files such as e-books, music, videos, or software, and setting prices for your items. It’s essential to adhere to Walmart’s policies and guidelines, as well as to fulfill the associated fees charged by Walmart.

Downloadable products on Walmart
Downloadable products on Walmart

5. eBay

eBay, an esteemed e-commerce platform, provides sellers with the opportunity to showcase a diverse range of digital products to a vast global audience. Whether you’re an artist, musician, software developer, or author, eBay serves as an ideal platform to exhibit your work and engage with millions of active buyers. Sellers can offer a wide array of digital products through eBay, including music, software, ebooks, art, digital photographs, digital trading cards, virtual items related to online gaming, digital trading cards, videos, digital textbooks, and electronic tickets.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that selling unauthorized software keys or digital copies/codes of movies not intended for individual resale is prohibited. It must be included as part of the sale of the physical product.

Software on eBay
Software on eBay

It is crucial to ensure that these products are appropriately formatted and protected to prevent unauthorized copying or downloading. eBay has specific guidelines for selling digital products, including the necessity for secure file delivery and a digital rights management (DRM) system. Adhering to these guidelines is essential to guarantee a smooth and legally compliant selling experience on eBay.

6. Envato Market

Envato Market is an expansive ecosystem specifically designed for creatives to sell and purchase digital assets, such as themes, templates, audio tracks, video footage, and more. The platform is split into various marketplaces, each tailored to cater to different digital products. Envato offers a high level of exposure and visibility, attracting millions of customers and boasting a strong community of sellers.

Some of Envato Market categories
Some of Envato Market categories

Envato Market provides a platform for authors to directly sell their items to customers. Authors upload their work, users purchase and license the item, and authors earn from these transactions. The customer base on Envato Market ranges from smaller to large enterprises, specifically those seeking to acquire individual items as per their requirements. Additionally, authors who have received invitations to sell on Envato Elements may have their items featured on both platforms, subject to the type of content.

Envato Market encompasses a diverse range of categories and marketplaces, such as:

7. Etsy

Though traditionally known for handmade and vintage items, Etsy has expanded its marketplace to include digital products as well. Artists and designers can sell digital prints, wedding invitations, artwork, and much more on Etsy. The platform provides a user-friendly interface, extensive marketing and promotional tools, and a substantial customer base looking for unique digital creations. Etsy takes a 6.5% + $0.3c transaction fee for every digital product plus $0.20c for every digital product you list on their platform.

Digital products on Etsy
Digital products on Etsy

Some of the products can be sold on Etsy are:

  • ebooks (.mobi, .epub, pdf),
  • music (mp3),
  • notes,
  • custom GIFs,
  • Microsoft document,
  • any image files (jpg, png, bmp),
  • movies (.mov).

8. Creative Market

Creative Market offers a dynamic online platform tailored for designers to vend diverse digital assets like fonts, graphics, templates, and themes. This marketplace not only provides exposure to design professionals and enthusiasts but also fosters a robust community conducive to exploration and collaboration. Sellers benefit from the flexibility to establish their own pricing and retain a substantial share of their earnings, making it an advantageous choice for those aiming to maximize profits.

Display Fonts on Creative Market
Display Fonts on Creative Market

For designers, artists, or creators seeking to generate supplemental income through the online sale of digital products, Creative Market serves as an excellent starting point. At present, Creative Market imposes a 40% transaction fee on every sale. In return, sellers gain visibility among 8 million members, access to their streamlined eCommerce solution, and insights into current market trends offered by the platform.

9. ClickBank

In recent years, ClickBank has emerged as a hallmark of internet marketing, renowned as the premier platform for purchasing and selling digital products. This is the hub where product owners and affiliates can connect with each other to facilitate those sales. With a dedicated customer base enthusiastic to discover innovative offerings within their specific niches, ClickBank presents an optimal marketplace.

The platform’s affiliate program is celebrated for driving significant revenue through the utilization of ClickBank’s extensive promotional resources. Notably, the product spectrum on ClickBank is predominantly centered on educating users about harnessing the full potential of internet marketing, with recent emphasis on topics such as email marketing and organic promotional strategies.

What the ClickBank affiliate marketplace looks like after registration
What the ClickBank affiliate marketplace looks like after registration

10. Udemy

Udemy’s prominence as the largest marketplace for course creators is underpinned by several compelling reasons. As of 2023, Udemy boasts an extensive catalog of over 204,000 courses offered in 75 languages, catering to a global student base exceeding 40 million, establishing itself as a trusted leader in online education.

Udemy web development courses
Udemy web development courses

Upon joining as a creator on Udemy, ample resources are extended to provide support at every stage of the course creation process. Notably, Udemy offers its marketplace insights to all creators for free, featuring valuable data on student demand, search volume, and revenue potential for various topics.

Udemy encompasses popular course categories in business, technology, and personal development, addressing the diverse interests and aspirations of learners. The platform maintains a transparent payment system, ensuring that instructors receive 97% of revenue when students utilize their coupon code and 50% when they arrive organically through search.

11. Folksy

Folksy, a marketplace based in the UK, serves as an outstanding platform for trading unique handmade items and is also a thriving hub for digital downloads. Delve into the limitless opportunities offered by Folksy to exhibit and vend various digital products, such as wedding invitation templates and gift cards.

A digital download product on Folksy
A digital download product on Folksy

12. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is an open marketplace that allows independent designers, illustrators, and creative professionals to upload and sell their digital products. These products range from laptop stickers to wall art, and everything in between: fonts, graphics, crafts, embroidery, bundles. The website’s designs are quite unique and come from a variety of contributors, making it a great place to find something truly original.

Some catalog categories on Creative Fabrica
Some catalog categories on Creative Fabrica

13. Loopazon

Loopazon serves as a platform for producers to exchange their loops, samples, acapella vocals, tracks, and beats. There are Loopazon’s video tutorials and music-related articles to acquire knowledge for creating samples and loops, for instance, “The Top Free VST Plugins for FL Studio.”

Loopazon catalog filters
Loopazon catalog filters

14. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is an online stock photo and video platform. Users can browse through the extensive catalog of high-quality images and clips and purchase a license to use them for commercial or personal projects. Shutterstock has a variety of image categories, including nature, architecture, business, people, and more. Its search engine allows users to find specific images based on keywords, keywords and phrases. Alternatively, users can use the advanced search options to filter images by specific criteria, such as image size, color, date, and more.

Shutterstock home page
Shutterstock home page

Key Global Tips to Sell Digital

When it comes to selling digital products on these platforms, there are a few best global practices to keep in mind:

  1. Quality Matters: Ensure your digital products are of high quality and provide value to customers. Positive reviews and ratings play a crucial role in gaining visibility and attracting potential buyers.
  2. Optimize Descriptions and Keywords: Craft compelling descriptions and use relevant keywords to improve your products’ discoverability within the platforms’ search algorithms.
  3. Leverage Marketing Tools: Utilize promotional options provided by the platforms, such as limited-time discounts, special offers, or cross-promotion opportunities, to effectively reach and engage with your target audience.
  4. Engage with the Community: Actively participate in forums, groups.

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