How to build complex projects with CS-Cart?

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How to build complex projects with CS-Cart?

Dear friends!

We've already told you about one of our most ambitious projects, the charity resource for the non-profit organization in Kuwait. It goes without saying, work with such a degree of responsibility required our close attention, and our client needed guarantees, that everything will be finished in due time and work as was intended. This is the exact base for our dedicated CS-Cart developer service.

When should you definitely pay your attention to it? For instance, a project has a set of its own unique features, far beyond default CS-Cart functionality, and it requires constant control and fast communication with the developer. In this case our developer will be in touch with you for 8/6/4 hours a day. During this period of time, you'll be able to ask our employee any technical questions or give a task to develop any additional functionality, which is not connected with the current global development.

We guarantee, that you'll work only with professional developers, experienced both in Front-end and in Back-end development. For instance, with their help you can not only build systems for complex price calculations, but also integrate a design.

Besides, we also guarantee, that our employee will work fast, and to assure you we can provide you with test hours (discussed personally). 

Whatever difficulties we face, they won't be a problem for us. Our happy clients speak of it in the best way possible. 

Majed Sultan AL Za’abi: "Thanks to Cart-Power we managed to create one of the best charity resources in the Middle East."

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