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CS-Cart is a platform used to build an online-store. CS-Cart contains over 500 functions necessary for a working online-store, and it is easily configured by user. Various features for adding and editing products will make your work easier and save a vast amount of time.

For 10 years more than 35 000 online-stores all over the world were built with CS-Cart. It's the best solution for those, who want to start their own store!

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CS-Cart features

Managing an online-store
Sensitive import/export
Mass editing
Products' characteristics
Products' filters

Products' options
Orders' statuses
Notifications for customers and working personnel
Two types of menu
Extended search
Configuring admin access
Client groups
Forms and pages editor

Ability to edit a product from its storefront
Digital products
Ability to pre-order, if product is not available at a warehouse
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Why Choose CS-Cart for Your E-commerce Website?

Cases based on CS-Cart

Charity resource

Online-store for Sotovik-M

Thanks to Cart-Power we managed to create one of the best charity resources in the Middle East.

(C) Majed Sultan AL Za’abi, Direct-aid.org
We switched from 1C-Bitrix to CS-Cart, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made!

(С) Igor Medvedev, Sotovikm.ru

AquaOrganic online-store

Deckline.ru online-store

You undoubtedly have better price to quality ratio!

(С) Svetlana Shelestova, aquaorganic.ru
Cart-Power is a reliable partner one can count on. Thanks a lot for a job well-done!

(C) Artyom Saveljev, deckline.ru

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