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Customer types

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The good understanding of your customers. Their needs and expectations is a key factor for all successful business. There are lots of interesting research studies on this topic. We have gathered the most interesting and useful information.


1. Profit finders

About  50% of customers buy 80%  of products with 20-40% discount. You can inform your customers about available sales with the help of special pop-up notificationslabels on product page or even special product blocks with certain product item order.

2. Newcomers

E-commerce volume is increasing rapidly but even now one of three orders is placed by someone who has never done it before. Such clients appreciate easy easy-to-use but interesting menu, detailed product description, other customers opinionseasy checkout. These clients also like sales and discounts, for example, free shipping

3. Unbelievers

They need as much information as possible. Show them the video tutorialavailable colors and sizesadditional product images (please, remember that good pictures are not always big pictures). Another boost for them is a personal discount offer which is displayed on the cart page in case there are some products are in there but the order is not placed.

4. Social-related

They want to know what other people think about the store. The product ratings and the opportunity to communicate directly to the seller are also important.

5. Awakens

It is easy. They want to find product quicklyto place order rapidly and get it as soon as possible. They like blocks with additional products or product packages. If clients are interested in a category not the certain product item, they will like the store where they can see the information about the product without other pages opening.

6. Seekers

They plan tot buy something but have not made the decision. They can do it today or in a year or never. If they find your store you  need to be memorable with interesting and useful blog, eye-catching bannersinteresting payment schemasunusual campaigns, etc. Such clients will also find useful  to look through the similar products on the same page.

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