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Selling Content

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1. Video

According to the survey of 73% of users prefer buying products with video tutorial. 96% of people think that it is the reasonable solution to buy such products. Brands that make videos are more reliable for 71% of customers. You can place videos in your store using Video Manager or Graceful Slider add-ons.

2. Other people opinion

It is also important for customers to know ehat other people think about the product. If you place some review on the detailed product page you gain some points in your customers opinion. The product and the store will lokk much trustworthy. The reviews on the product page can be placed via Power Reviews add-on, the orders about the store can be placed via Power Testimonials add-on.

3. Guarantee

Sometimes it is not enough to know that somebody else likes this product. In this case the customers want some other guarantees like technical support or money back in case of deliveru failure. You can inform your clients about such guarantees with the help of special labelspop-up notifications or even banners. No matter which way you choose, the most important is to show this information on the product page. 

4. Discounts

Anyway, according to statistics 70% of clients close the web-site on the cart or checkout page without any payments. Most often it happens due to the fact that order total is higher than a client expects. In order to solve the issue offer the personal discount to your customers. The decreased order sum can become a key factor for your client. Using the Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder add-on  you will be able to place special offers on the cart or checkout page and to send special e-mail notifications.  

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