We released the new version of our “Power Statistics” add-on!

“Latest Reviews Block” add-on with the new features and new name: “Power Reviews”
New CS-Cart add-ons: “Floating Menu” & “Animated Blocks”

We released the new version of our “Power Statistics” add-on!

Business person analyzing financial statistics displayed on the tablet screen

Dear Friends!

We released the new version of our "Power Statistics" add-on!

From now on it includes the whole default CS-Cart statistics add-on functionality and, of course, we added several brand new practical features:

  • all functionality of default CS-Cart statistics add-on
  • ability to see the most popular products
  • ability to see the most viewed products
  • online users statistics in admin area (ip address, country, browser, current url)
  • special visual block of online users in customer area (different view options allow to see information about countries and browsers of online users)
  • detailed information about product popularity in admin area (you can edit each field of popularity: viewed, added, deleted, bought)
  • extended product popularity block in customer area (different view options)
  • detailed information about sold products in customer area (different view options, ability to choose order statuses which will be taken into account)
  • information about all external referrers in admin area
  • all the referrers for each product, category, page in admin area
  • an alternative to view latest ordered products block in a separate pop-up or in a chosen area of the customer page (you can set a limit for the number of products shown)
  • ability to remove statistics
  • ability to see statistics by operating system, browser, resolution
  • ability to see statistics by language, country, ip address
  • configurable search by statistics

The new demo is available:

See also the new video tutorial

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