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In the last post, we found out that an online store blog is an effective tool for building relationships with customers. It helps attract new customers, increase the loyalty of existing ones and promote the site to the first positions in the search results. Today we will show you with examples what you can write about in your online store blog and what publication formats you can use.

Before you start blogging, you need to understand what your potential customers are worried about the most, and how you can solve their problems with content. Simply put, your posts should cover your clients’ pains. Below you will see how to do this.

Product or Service

Most of the posts on your blog will revolve around your product or service. This is natural, because this is what your target audience wants to know the most. Everyone wants to buy a quality product or service and not waste money. But further nuances appear, depending on the specifics of your product.

For example, if you have an electronic online store, customers may worry:

  • they don’t know which model to choose, 
  • that they don’t understand how to set up the device, 
  • how to choose accessories for the device,
  • how to properly operate the device so that it lasts longer.

If you have an online clothing store, buyers may be worried about:

  • how to combine a new clothes with an existing wardrobe, 
  • how to look fashionable and post beautiful photos on Instagram,
  • how to choose a fabric that will not deteriorate after the first wash,
  • how to choose a festive outfit for a non-standard figure,
  • what choose a jacket for a trip to the mountains so as not to freeze,
  • and so on. 

So, the pains are defined, now you need to choose the format of publications. To do this, you need to understand at which way you can most clearly answer the target audience questions. Depending on this, the publication formats can be very diverse:

  • recommendations for choosing, 
  • instructions for use, 
  • life hacks, 
  • reviews on popular models, 
  • brand comparisons, 
  • typical myths and misconceptions,
  • digests, collections and ratings from products. 

For example, this is what the blog of the multi-category marketplace Es Mosaik looks like:

Es Mosaik blog

The marketplace sells household and health products, clothing, food and drinks. This is how much room for publishing it gives the blog. It contains:

  1. Reviews (“Opinion on wines and the Terra de Marés collection”).
  2. Gift ideas (“Delicious Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas”).
  3. Picks (“5 Great Handmade Jewelry Stores to Make a Nice Sweet Mother’s Day 2020 Gift”).
  4. Tips (“11 Reasons to Buy Balearic Crafts”).
  5. Digests and news (“Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday 2019: All the best deals from our Artist and Designers). 

Each article has a block with recommended products, so you can go straight to shopping.

When you write about a product, show it in action — photos or a short video work better than a few hundred words.

Industry News

A wide range of products obviously gives room for a variety of content. But what if you have a narrow area or one product category? Talk about the industry as a whole. 

Buyers may not be aware of some new developments, and your article will help them navigate and choose a quality product in the future. This content also shows that you are an expert in your field and are well versed in what you are selling. This means you can be trusted.

Here’s how clothing online store Selfridges is blogging. In addition to useful tips and digests, the blog has many fashion news and announcements: exhibitions, fashion shows and special projects.

Selfridges blog

News from your business 

If important changes have occurred in your online store or there is news, you should inform your readers about it in the blog. The reasons may be such as: 

  • a successful case or project, 
  • you are closing for the holidays, 
  • your delivery conditions have changed, 
  • an exclusive product has appeared in the store, 
  • a pre-order for a new product is open, 
  • a Black Fridayis planned or Cyber ​​Monday, 
  • you have moved to a new location or opened a branch, etc.

For example, The Perfume Shop publishes news that a new perfume has appeared on sale:

The Perfume Shop

Why is it useful to write about your business news? The buyer will not miss the profitable promotions, the first to know about the advantages of the new product. If you have any temporary technical problems and limitations, the buyer will be able to find out about them in advance, and not during the checkout process. And information about real cases and projects will dispel the buyer’s concerns about the quality of your work.


Collaboration is when one brand works together with another brand or media person (for example, a famous blogger who is an authority for your target audience). You can conduct a joint action or launch a joint product. Moreover, the goals of partners do not always have to coincide: some, for example, want to improve the recognition of their brand, while others want to increase the number of buyers at the expense of their partner’s subscribers.

We will not go into details of collaboration as a marketing tool; let’s see how it can be used in an online store blog.

For example, Russian online store Global Foods sells food to restaurants and hotels throughout Russia. In collaboration with food manufacturers and restaurants, Global Foods conducts master classes, which he regularly reports on his blog, and partners in his. These affiliate publications give the online store free advertising and quality inbound links for SEO, as well as increase brand awareness. 

Global Foods blog

You don’t have to host offline events to publish affiliate blog posts. Alternatively, you can launch joint special projects. For example (continuing the topic with food), an online store can open a new section with recipes: the recipe itself was invented by the chef of the restaurant with whom we are cooperating, and the products are provided by the online store. So the online store will declare itself as a supplier of high-quality food products for the restaurant business, will receive a mention of its brand on external sites during reposts and, as a result, more buyers.

Always start your blog by thinking about the pain of your audience. In order not to puzzle about this every time before writing an article, it is best to write a content plan for a month in advance. The main elements of a content plan are: theme, content type (informational, marketing, entertainment, engaging) and calendar. And already to them you can add any sections that are necessary: ​​a platform for publication, links to examples and sources for the material (research, news and everything that will be useful to you), keywords, etc. As a result, a content plan will help you blog regularly, retain interesting ideas, and structure your plans.

In the next and final blog post, we’ll go into more detail on where to find content plan topics that will benefit and resonate with your potential customers.

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