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"I was surprised with the way Cart-Power handles things. Everything is done carefully and on time. Their efficiency was even noticed by Netpeak".

(C) Sergey Borozdyh,
"Thanks to Cart-Power for their high-quality work!".

(C) Maria Tanasiychuk,
About the project is a store, selling bikes and other goods for those enjoying a good ride. Key point of the project was to integrate all the needed functionality to support modern SEO requirements. The job was completed in cooperation with Netpeak.
Tasks completion
The main technical task was split into 26 microtasks, but only a part of them could be completed with CS-Cart SEO add-on. It's worth noticing, that only a single Cart-Power employee was working with the task. The project was finished in 21 day. As a result the following changes were pushed to the site:

1. Configured title, H1, meta-description generation according to a certain template. This way the issue with empty SEO-data was handled for all site's pages.

2. Integrated a code for attribures alt and title for all the images on the site.

3. Tweaked breadcrumbs according to standart.

4. Correctly tweaked contact info of the organization.

5. Blocked indexation for pages with "?sort_by=" and "?items_per_page=" with the help of a tag and file

6. Added links to pages with filtration resultsссылки на страницы с результатами фильтрации to xml-sitemap.

7. Created images-sitemap.

8. Configured 301 redirect without "/" in the end ( to pages with "/" (

9. Configured server responses:

9.1. With the request titled If-Modified-Since server responds with code 200. If data Last-Modified is older than If-Modified-Since, then the server responds with 304 code.

9.2. Heading Cache-Control gives back max-age=86400, must-revalidate for every page.

9.3. Every sitepage specify heading Expires as current time + 24 hours.

10. Added a searchform to 404 page.

11. Added a restriction for Yandex robot to index paginated pages beginning with the second one.

12. Configured site structure, HTML-sitemap, blocked indexation for service pages.

13. Redesigned 500 error pages.

Valuable experience in working with SEO we described in our article. SEO-work itself was performed with our CS-Cart SEO add-on. It's effectiveness is highly praised by our our other clients.

"It's just a bomb for search engines. You just have to configure it correctly and apply all the fields for each filtered page and combinations.

Competitors in my sphere, please, don't read my review. I'll gladly take your clients and make them happy!"

(С) Alexander

"Great and very useful add-on! it allows to configure a flexible scheme of work for filters, thanks to it you can increase traffic with additional search requests.

I installed it and I'm pleased now :)


(С) Andrey
Creating xml-sitemap for images
Xml-sitemap for images was required for more accurate indexation with search engines. For this purpose we created a file, matching common requirements:

1. IMAGE spacename is done according to: xmlns:image="";

2. Mandatory usage of tags urlset, url and loc, image:image and image:loc;

3. Includes only open for indexation pages, pages responding with 200 code;

4. Uses UTF-8 coding;

5. Includes up to 50 000 URL;

6. Includes no more than 1000 images for each URL;

7. Size is less than 10 MB.
Creating friendly URLs
Usage of friendly URLs helps in optimizing work and makes navigation easier. Friendly URLs were formed on the basis if the following rules:

1. All pages in Russian used a single variation for transliteration;

2. All punctuation marks and spaces were replaced with “-”, all symbols "_" were also excluded;

3. Other symbols were replaced with "-" as well (except for numbers and letters);

4. Two and more "-" in a row were replaced with one;

5. Deleted “-”, appearing on URL generation at the end or in the beginning of an element;

6. Capital letter were excluded from URL

According to new URL templates, old links were replaced with the new ones, also 31 redirect was configured.
Searchform at 404 page
Page 404 is used to display an error, when a requested page was not found on the server (removed, changed URL, etc.). To make navigation easier, a searchform was integrated to page 404, as it allows a user to get back to site faster and continue working with it.
Social networks integration
To interact with popular social networks, like and share buttons were integrated. They allow users to demonstrate site content in their social profiles. Same operation was performed for follow buttons as well, all these measures combined help to increase traffic of a store and attract new customers. Also we integrated OpenGraph protocol, which allows to correctly display content of sitepages in social networks.
Client review

"I was surprised with the way Cart-Power handles things. Everything is done carefully and on time. Their efficiency was even noticed by Netpeak. Netpeak praised my developers, and I, in turn, wrote a thank-you letter to Cart-Power. I recommend working with them".

A letter from the client: "SEO-team accepted all the work, audit is fully integrated. I want to thank you for your work, for fast solutions of all the matters and for high-quality completion of the tasks. All the integration was performed in a professional way and on time. I'm glad to have contacted you. i will recommend you to my partners. SEO-company was very pleased with your work and competence as well. this fact was ponted out not only by SEO specialists, but by managers as well."

(С) Sergey Borozdyh,
Final result
More than 50 hours of work
Easier navigation
SEO advancement
Pleased client
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